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Epi D blog features articles about food related health issues, interesting topics, titbits of information as well as tips and quips. Oh, and a rant here and there.

Articles are of a cautionary nature or highlighting the health benefits of a particular food or ingredient. Others off those topics are in Whatever Else and still others are such that No Comment is necessary.

Who is admin? Well traveled ex-nomad, with a healthy curiosity who cooks and reminds herself frequently that in spite of everything, Life is Grand ...especially while sipping on another espresso.

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brain scan

High-fructose Diet Slows Recovery from Brain Trauma

I just came across this interesting article on head trauma recovery and the effect of sodas and other sources of HFCS.  You don't need brain trauma … [Read More...]

exclamation point

Stunning Victory Over FDA

From the Alliance for Natural Health website: This was a key federal case argued for ANH-USA and other plaintiffs by Jonathan Emord and the Emord … [Read More...]


Sheriff Defends Raw Milk Farmer Against the FDA Harrassment

Every now and again you run into good news about people who stand up for their rights against the government.  However, it seems it is even rarer to … [Read More...]