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jar of pickles

7 Great Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods

One of the single, most beneficial steps you can take to boost your overall health is to add fermented foods to your diet.  These are any foods that … [Read More...]

dish avocado and gremolata

Avocado Creme with Gremolata

Love guacamole but need a change?  My avocado creme with gremolata is a great way to get your daily dose of very healthy parsley. It's just two … [Read More...]

gremolata parsley and lemon zest

Gremolata – Italian Parsley Condiment

What is persillade for the French, is gremolata for the Italians - both uncooked condiments and excellent ways to reap the benefits of power plant … [Read More...]

plate of prawns

Have Your Prawns Been Plumped?

Just when you think you've probably heard the worst of food scandals, news of gel-injected Tiger Prawns and Co. jumps out of the monitor right at … [Read More...]

Pixabay Image 906140

Adaptogen – What is That?

If you are into herbs for health, you will have surely come across the word 'adaptogen' and asked yourself "What is that?".  I've explained it often … [Read More...]


Parsley – Underloved Power Plant

When I was growing up, parsley was the ubiquitous, nearly obligatory bit of chopped green floating on the soup or mixed in with boiled potatoes tossed … [Read More...]

ginger tea

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is so easy to make and so beneficial for not only your heart, but digestion, headaches and much more.  You can find out more about this … [Read More...]

ginger rhizome

Ginger – Better Than Aspirin

For decades, doctors have been telling their patients that taking an aspirin daily can prevent heart disease. doesn't. In 2014, the … [Read More...]

hands holding strawberries

Organic Strawberries – How One Man Made It Possible

I love strawberries and I look forward to when they come in season here in Spain.  Sure, you can buy strawberries in winter and show off a fancy … [Read More...]