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Epi D blog features articles about food related health issues, interesting topics, titbits of information as well as tips and quips. Oh, and a rant here and there.

Articles are of a cautionary nature or highlighting the health benefits of a particular food or ingredient. Others off those topics are in Whatever Else and still others are such that No Comment is necessary.

Who is admin? Well traveled ex-nomad, with a healthy curiosity who cooks and reminds herself frequently that in spite of everything, Life is Grand ...especially while sipping on another espresso.

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Pharma Deception

Inside the Pharma Industry – Deceptive Marketing and Why Are We Not Surprised?

Global profits in the pharmaceutical industry for 2011, reached $650 billion with the US profits reaching nearly 50% or $325 billion.  That is almost … [Read More...]


Viruses Used to Eat Bacteria in Food

In 2006, the FDA decided that to get rid of one pest, they would use another 'pest' to pester the pest...literally, to eat it.  The main pest, … [Read More...]

pitcher of fruit water

12 Healthy Tips to Flavor Your Water

Summer is here and the heat is on to keep hydrated - pun intended! We have on average 37 liters of water in our body, or put another way, roughly … [Read More...]