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cut apple turned brown

The GMO Apple That Won’t

...turn brown. The Canadian biotech firm Okanagan Specialty Fruits have created an apple that won't turn brown when you cut them, peel them or … [Read More...]

packet of ramen noodles

8 Reasons to Switch to Fresh Ramen Noodles

Instant ramen noodles, that favourite standby of college students and singles everywhere, a very unhealthy choice for a Q&C (quick and cheap) … [Read More...]

joint inflammation

Inflammation & Turmeric: Just Symptomatic Relief?

A while ago a visitor asked me a very good question.  Turmeric had eliminated chronic inflammation she was living with for most of her life … [Read More...]

turmeric rhizome and powder

Is Raw Turmeric Better Than Powder?

The raw versus dried turmeric question rises up once again.  Is raw turmeric better than the powder? The short answer:  No Here we go with the … [Read More...]

junk journalist

Junk Journalism: Turmeric and Co.

Perhaps I should change that title to junk FOOD journalism.  You know the kind.  The media gets wind of the latest health foodie trend, journalists … [Read More...]

coffee with milk

Does Milk Destroy Anti-Oxidants in Tea or Coffee?

How do you take yours?  A lot, a little or no milk in your tea or coffee?  Personally, I like my espresso with a little milk and topped with a … [Read More...]

pills and capsules

Drug Firms Flood W. Virginia with 780 MILLION Painkillers

Between 2007 and 2012, drug firms poured 780M painkillers into West Virginia amid a rise of overdoses.  WV has 1.84 million inhabitants. In 2015, … [Read More...]

ginger kefir 'beer' water

Ginger ‘Beer’ Water Kefir Experience

Do you like ginger ale but avoid commercial sodas because you've become more health conscientious?  Looking for an IBS solution?  Oh, have I got a … [Read More...]

water kefir and apricots

Easy Home Probiotic – Water Kefir

If you would have asked me 6 months ago what probiotics we take for intestinal health, I would have mentioned the bifidus yogurt I buy and the … [Read More...]