Trendy Healthy Hype

warning tapeI can’t help it.  Most trends put me off because of the seemingly overnight bombardment of the latest silver bullet with whatever it is appearing in everything.  The skeptic in me pulls away with arms crossed and takes a ‘prove it’ stance.  In fact, it can take me years before I decide something is worth looking into and trying.  And by then, I’ve done my research before settling for the best form of whatever healthy consumable is in question.

My eyebrow goes up and I can’t help the smirk over acacia berries, goji berries and even that old tried and true standby aloe vera.  Oh, and let’s not leave out the agave ‘nectar’.

It is not the berries, the leaf or the sap that I take issue with, but the processing beyond recognition or usefullness and the hype over watered down expensive rubbish products.

You know something’s amiss when something like aloe vera is just in your face and everywhere, from sheets to mattresses to yoghurt and – get this – aloe vera candy sweetened with agave nectar.  Oh, please.

You just know that IF there is anything resembling aloe vera in those commercial  products such as yoghurt, it’s in microscopic quantities that only serve to somehow justify the price.  Just how valuable is aspartame sweetened yoghurt ‘with aloe vera’?  What an oxymoron.

Save yourself lots of money and drink your aloe vera in water or your herbal tea or…ok, stir it into your natural yoghurt into which you stirred some real fruit bits if you can’t take it any other way.

Do your research and look for the best aloe vera juice made from fresh whole leaf, with nothing added to it but a natural preservative.  And while you are at it, leave the other watered down, trendy,  healthy, over hyped products on the shelf for the gullible.

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