The Butter Thing Again

butter and knifeSome topics just keep coming around and around again.  Like butter vs. margarine.

Have you heard about the ‘butter is one molecule away from fat’ argument?  That impressed me at the time.  But even I wouldn’t make that my main argument because frankly, lots of things are ‘one molecule away from plastic’.  If you’ve got the lab time and can come up with the correct polymers and correct chemical bond.

The ‘one molecule away from…..’ is a weak argument.  Take water as an example – it is one molecule away from being hydrogen peroxide.  It makes for a weak argument, abeit an impressive one until you dig deeper.

It’s the digging I enjoy…err…for information, that is.

Ok.  What is the ingredient list of butter?  Bingo, you got it…butter!

What is in margarine?  Quick, get out that tub.  It’s a list.  Usually hardened vegetable fats such as derived from canola, safflower or worse, soya.  If it doesn’t tell you which one, then it’s an unknown blend of whatever.  Oh, and water, whey, artificial colouring, flavouring and to make you get excited and happy, artifical vitamins.

The fact that margarine smears at summer room temps and butter melts (pause here to think about the why and how your body and arteries may deal with that), that transfats are still in most margarines and yes, Veronica there is such a thing as healthy saturated fats – doesn’t seem to interest the staunch ‘artifical food eaters faction’.

One of the problems with so called healthier-for-you artifical foods are that they convey a sense of ‘doing good’ for yourself.

With this false sense, one ends up lavashing on the margarine, or piling on that fake sour cream whereas wouldn’t you be a little more conservative using REAL butter or sour cream???

You know what?  Eat animal protein only a few times a week, eat more eggs and healthy fish, enjoy real butter and don’t worry about it.  And understand the importance of cholesterol for your good health.  Oh, and MOVE!

Me?  I seldom use butter.  I love my coconut oil.  We have much in common – we are both often misunderstood ;>D

Interesting fact:  Autopsies have shown that patients who died of heart disease two thirds had normal levels of cholesterol (my comment: and probably slogged up their arteries with margarine!)

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  • Mrs_MG 16/11/2015, 23:55

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I stuck with butter through all the high-cholesterol scares and always had an instinctive distrust of things like saccharin, margarine, and all the other fake-substitutes for real food. I remember years ago, I was told I was pre-diabetic, so I had a look through my food cabinet and could not even believe the garbage that was in all our packaged foods. Out they went! Then I went to the diabetic section of the supermarket, thinking that surely, these would be healthy foods. They had worse rubbish in them than the so-called normal packaged foods. All we eat now is real whole foods or packaged foods with only real ingredients (like whole milk yogurt with live cultures like Fage, or all-organic non-gmo no-artificial-ingredients ketchup, such as Sir Kensington’s). The food that grows naturally has got to be better for you than whatever the adverts are pushing. Just remember, it’s their profits they are worried about, not our health!


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