Inside the Pharma Industry – Deceptive Marketing and Why Are We Not Surprised?

Pharma Deception Global profits in the pharmaceutical industry for 2011, reached $650 billion with the US profits reaching nearly 50% or $325 billion.  That is almost a billion dollars a DAY.  For those with their calculators handy, that’s $890 million alone in the US.  However, with pharma drug sales increasing yearly, you can be sure that the billion dollar a day marker has long been reached.  That represents 30% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the US.

Mind boggling, isn’t it.

Imagine the power behind all that money.  Payoffs, skewing so-called ‘independent’ reports on research, backing ‘donating’ heavily to medical schools, or buying them outright – sadly, the open secret.

It is interesting that the United States is the only industrialized country with no control on the prices of drugs.  You can be certain that the pharma industry is quite motivated to keep it that way.

Drugmongering, or inventing fake illness and then marketing drugs to treat them, is increasing yearly and contributes heavily to profits.  Create a buzz through commercials, get the population in conversation about it then offer a handy pill as a solution is a common, time proven practice.  Unfortunately,  in recent years it seems that daily we ‘learn’ about new illness and new drugs to treat them.

…scenes from some of the many pharmaceutical ads that pepper BRANDING ILLNESS, an eye-opening documentary about how big drug companies create diseases and then supply the medications that can cure them. – Icarus Films

Think Circadian Dysrhythmia , SERM deficiency.  Think Adult Autism for an adult who is anti-social, rigid, angry and given to unpredictable outbursts.  Then there’s EFD  or executive function deficits.  Honest.  I didn’t make it up.

One often reads that the pharma industry has to charge so much for certain drugs because of the high research and testing costs.  However…

They warn that companies exaggerate R&D costs to lobby for more protection from free market competition. Yet, according to an independent analysis, the 1.3% of revenues devoted to discovering new molecules compares with an estimated 25%spent on promotion. This means for every £1 spent on basic research a whopping £19 is spent on marketing. – The Pharmaletter

And yet the general public still thinks that doctors are demi-gods and are loath to question them about their treatment or medications they are being prescribed.  That needs to change.  Question. Investigate. Take self responsibility.  Think.

With the medical establishment in a close and loving relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and doctors the principal drug pushers sales personnel, do you really think they are interested in your good health?


Imagine an epidemic of  good health…and its devastating effect.  A horrifying thought for the pharma/medical business.

“Keep ’em dumb, keep ’em sick and keep us rich” – quote by an ex-drug company officer.

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