Drinking Red Wine is Good for your Eyes

So ‘researchers’ have discovered what their collegues in the past have suspected…and that health enthusiasts have long known.  Yup…red wine is good for you, oh and your eyes too of course.  Well, to be really acurate…it’s the resveratrol in the wine that does it.

Read this  Telegraph news bit here for this earth shattering (old news in natural health circles) media revelation.

Resveratrol has been around in capsule form for quite a while in health food stores.  Hmm…now that research scientists have given their stamp of approval, and as soon as the pharma industry comes out with their own synthetic reservatrol concoction to peddle (since they cannot patent natural products), perhaps doctors, once having the official pharma blessing, will start telling their patients about about the new wonder drug while they fill out that prescripton pad, .

Sort of an ever so subtle admissional nod that – WOW – guess those natural health kooks got it right (dang again)…but here, take this much more expensive synthetic active ingredient with fillers.


If you want to try out reservatrol – which is good for many other things such as your veins etc – look for concentrated natural reservatrol in compressed capsules.  This is a handy way to take it if you want to limit your wine intake or want to avoid alcohol altogether.  You won’t have 20/20 vision overnight, but it will help protect your eyes when taken long term.

Another way, which  is perhaps horrifying to true wine enthusiasts, is  something I discovered by accident.  Sometimes I reduce left over wine to a third and keep this for cooking.  A little splash is great in some stews or when making a wine sauce, or a little here or there elsewhere.

Just out of curiousity one day, I added ice cubes, a little water and orange juice.  What a great non-alcoholic summer drink!

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  • Karlos 04/12/2016, 07:48

    Is Red wine Good for you

    • admin 22/12/2016, 18:00

      Hello Karlos,
      It certainly is…but everything in moderation. 😉

  • Joann 31/01/2015, 21:18

    I just ordered turmeric, now I want to know the best wines for the heart. I don’t care how expensive it is please let me know the name, and how much to drink. Thank you so much for your site. God bless

    • admin 04/02/2015, 23:39

      Hello Joann,
      I must admit, this is an unusual question! I don’t know the answer however, I searched for best red wines for heart health and found this link:
      http://www.livestrong.com/article/292418-list-of-heart-healthy-wines/ My understanding is that 1 glass a day is good enough…but I am sure exceptions are welcomed on the weekends! Hope this helps!

  • Carolyn 28/06/2014, 20:13

    I was told by a friend that her doctor told her to have a glass of port wine in the evening. I know it is red but wonder if it better than other red wines for you. I like Taylors port. It is inexpensive and if it is indeed good for your eyes, I will continue having a glass at night.

    • admin 29/06/2014, 14:06

      Hello Carolyn,
      Good question regarding port wine. While I am aware that a gold standard aged port wine has more reservatrol, port wine also has more sugar. Hmmm. Have a look at this link which I think will answer all your questions: http://www.benefits-of-resveratrol.com/health-benefits-of-port-wine.html Near the bottom is another link (last sentence of the paragraph ‘What about the alcohol in port wine’ that I suggest you look at.
      If you prefer to stay with your Taylor’s, have a look on their site – assuming they have one – about how their port is processed: reductive or oxadative aging. Thanks for commenting!

      • George 19/11/2014, 18:00

        Most grape based wine making begins fermentation with a level of sugar, mostly in the grape itself depending on the variety… but that “sugar” content is where the alcohol comes from…plus whatever is added to reach the desired level of alcohol.

        So once the yeast finishes turning all of the sugar into alcohol, the wine has that degree of “dryness” which many wine drinkers prefer in red wines.

        To make a Port wine, sugar is added after final fermentation; however a “stabilizer” is added to prevent further fermentation in the wine bottle after it is sealed for aging…if the stabilizer were not added you would possibly have colorful eruptions of wine on your walls.

        For this discussion here, I would choose a dry red wine, and not the Port (which I like very much).

        • admin 23/11/2014, 18:44

          Good points, Geoge. Thanks for contributing!

  • alexsmart 06/12/2013, 14:31

    dont believe everything you read.

    • admin 26/02/2014, 22:20

      I hope you apply those sage words also to what the pharma/medical/media industry pushes upon us.

  • Dimakatso 04/01/2013, 21:06

    Great info thanks a lot

  • George Bogle 11/03/2012, 03:06

    Great health info!!

    Let’s all have some red wine after dinner!!

    • admin 08/08/2012, 20:29

      I like mine with! ;>D

  • raymz 21/12/2011, 15:57

    Hai good information that u guys giving for red wine.. Cheer.


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