Herbs and Natural Healing

verbena plantFrom oldest primitive man, to early civilizations and forward to modern day alternative healers, we have relied on the healing powers of herbs and plants.  More than 5,000 years ago the Sumerians documented the earliest use of herbs to heal and promote good health.   Chinese medicine dates back 4,000 and Egyptian herbal medicine lies somewhere in between.

Modern medicine as practiced today is still in its infant stage, having only a history of about 200 years.  Around 100 years ago, in the early 1900’s, modern medicine began to evolve towards chemical and synthetic medicines and split away from natural and herbal remedies.

Today, we are experiencing a renaissance in the interest of alternative and herbal healing with more public interest in gentler, safer and more natural healing.  Herbalists and naturopathic practitioners are more knowledgeable about matching which herb or method for what problem and recognize the individuality of each patient.  Importance is placed on holistic treatment for health care though resistance and skepticism prevails in the medical community.

Modern medicine as practiced today is still in its infant stage, having only a history of about 200 years.

Instead of reaching for over the counter chemical and synthetic solutions to common everyday problems, look into how you can replace them with herbal supplements, tinctures and teas.  These can ease or cure such problems such as colds and flu, high cholesterol, sexual dysfunction, help with weight loss and many, many more common complaints.

‘Drug companies are not here to bring health to the population but to scam them on one level for vast amounts of money, by treating the symptoms and not addressing the cause.’ -Sir William Ossler, MD (1849-1919)

Herbs and herbal remedies are supportive of the natural healing process of the body but must be used with common sense.  More is not always better and simply because they are natural, doesn’t make them harmless.  Teas and infusions are the weakest forms, extracts and tinctures the strongest and each method has its advantage. In my opinion, herbal drinks from the supermarket are just a waste of money.  Just look at the ingredient list.

Purchase dry herb or products such as tinctures and capsules from reputable sources that standardize the potency of their products to ensure consistency in effectiveness. Do an online search for interaction of herb with whatever pharmaceutical drug you may be taking.

Remember too that neither herb nor pill will help you if your lifestyle and nutritional choices are poor to begin with.  Make small improvements little by little towards better health. Educate yourself.  Trust thousands of years of evolved experience.  Trust the healing power of herbs (and spices) to help with common problems, aches and pains.  Reap the benefits of a healthier you!

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