Carrot and Beet Salad

carrot and beet saladThis is a fast and easy nutritious salad, done under 10 minutes.

There really isn’t a ‘recipe’ per se for this because this depends on beet and carrot size. As a general guideline, allow one small to medium carrot per person.

  • Just grate equal amounts of raw carrot and a well scrubbed raw beet (use gloves when grating the raw beet).  Or a cooked beet.
  • Make a vinaigrette however you like it.  I make mine with a little Dijon mustard and for this salad I add a 1/8 or more of powdered ginger (grated if you have it is even better).
  • Mix vinaigrette with the beet and carrot and arrange on a bed of favourite salad greens.

Exclude the ginger if you like, add a little dill in the vinaigrette and sprinkle a teaspoon or more of fresh or dried dill across the salad.

Cubes of feta or a fresh goat cheese also goes well with this.

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