Muesli with Turmeric and ‘Friends’

muesliMy favourite breakfast. This is my version of a classic Müsli (muesli). Quick and easy…great way to hide the turmeric for those who don’t appreciate the taste.
Per person:
Full fat yogurt – 2 tablespoons
(Yes, turmeric – and you – need the fat to make it more bio-available)
1/4 teaspoon of turmeric

1 level tablespoon of oatmeal (or chia seeds or mix of both)
the ‘friends:
a few grinds of black pepper (not mixed…black)
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne
1/8 or more of Ceylon cinnamon
the toppings:
1/4 apple, coarsely grated
walnuts, a few crumbled
banana slices (or any dried fruit such as blueberries etc)
raw honey or maple syrup – a drizzle as you like
*See below why I no longer suggest this.

optional but VERY nice: a squeeze of lemon
First wet the oatmeal with a little hot water while you get everything else ready.  It will soften up while you assemble the rest.

Plop the yogurt in bowl, add the turmeric and ‘friends’ to one side, grated apple next to it, then the softened oatmeal, add the broken up walnuts and banana (or whatever else you fancy), drizzle with the honey or maple syrup. Stir around…enjoy!

You won’t notice the turmeric, and a little zing of the cayenne comes pleasantly through but is cooled by the full fat yogurt.

Why the cayenne?  It is excellent for your circulation (a vasodilator) and good for the those with elevated blood pressure.  Cinnamon for the blood sugar levels (diabetic or not) and more.  And its great taste!

Search on this blog for more on cayenne, cinnamon benefits and turmeric (and the dose and method, the importance of the fat/oil and how the piperine in black pepper boosts the bio-availability).

*I no longer suggest any form of sugar in my recipes together with turmeric.  The reason is logical:  sugar in any form (yes, honey is a sugar) is inflammatory.  Turmerics major benefit is as an anti-inflammatory.  Doesn’t make sense to take them together.  I find the banana or apple and or raisins and the Ceylon cinnamon are sweet enough for me.  Yes, these have natural sugars in them, but low enough.  We don’t need to add more.

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