Green Tea for Weight Loss?

loose green teaThe general population in the western world is more overweight than ever.  A hefty (pun intended) risk factor for a whole host of other health problems. There seems to be a lot of buzz lately about green tea and weight loss. But is there any truth to the claims?

The Chinese have been harvesting green tea for at least the past 4,000 years.  Most people in the west think of it as nothing more than a beverage.  However, people in the east have long revered it for its medicinal qualities as well.

Modern western medicine tends to ignore traditional benefits of natural methods, no matter how many thousands of years behind it. The good news is that viewpoint is starting to change, at least where green tea and weight loss is concerned.

The physiologist William Rumpler has studied how green tea effects the oxidation of fat and energy expenditure in the body.  His studies have shown how green tea does indeed boost metabolism and increases weight loss. What follows are some of his early findings.

When the study was conducted, the only compound they were able to identify as possibly aiding weight loss was caffeine. In one control group,  participants drank water that had the same amount of caffeine as the second control group who drank green tea. Not surprisingly, those who drank the caffeinated water did not show the same amount of weight loss as those in the second group – the green tea sippers.

This means that it isn’t the caffeine in green tea that’s making people lose weight.

Other studies have shown that green tea contains an antioxidant called catechin. It’s believed that catechin reduces how much fat the body absorbs, and may help you feel full sooner. Regardless of what is causing the weight loss, it does appear that green does, indeed, help loose those excess pounds. But there are even more health benefits. It reduces the risk of certain cancers and helps flush toxins out of the body.

More studies on tea are being conducted with mixed results, but in general, the results are promising. Green tea and weight loss is based on traditional Eastern medicine and gaining increased interest from Western science, as well.

Drinking several cups of green tea daily should help you shift that extra weight. Balance that with a healthier food choices and a better lifestyle and it will not only help you loose weight and maintain it, but improve your general health as well.


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  • Greg 28/05/2016, 07:27

    Two or three years ago an acquaintance of mine who was studying to become a nutritionist suggested that drinking green tea might help me get rid of at least some of my excess belly fat. Without making any other changes in my diet other than replacing several cups of coffee per day with green tea (which I had never even tasted before), over the course of just five months or so I lost 10 pounds and about an inch around my waist.

    Rather amazed by that, I got on the internet and started poking around to see if I could find out how that worked. That led me to a number of web sites like this one, and what I discovered there (none of which any doctors I ever went to had ever told me) has totally transformed my both diet and my life.

    I don’t strictly adhere to any particular named diet, like Paleo or Mediterranean, and I have never bothered counting calories of this or grams of that, but I have gradually shifted from eating a Standard American Diet full of processed foods devoid of real nutrition and laced with artificial chemicals, to eating nothing but real food prepared by myself from whole natural ingredients, mostly organic, grass-fed, free-range, etc, plus the addition of some probiotic foods like kimchi and kefir. The improvements in my health as a result have astonished me, to the extent that I have effortlessly lost three inches around my waist and gotten down to what I consider to be my ideal weight and better than “normal” blood pressure (below 120/80). I have also stopped taking all medications (like statins, beta-blockers, etc.) since I no longer have any of the symptoms they were prescribed to “treat” (actually just mask), and fired the idiot doctors who prescribed them instead of educating me about the functional causes of my health problems and how to address them.

    Thanks to the kind of accurate and useful information that I have found on web sites like this one, I am much healthier today than I have been in my entire adult life — and it all started with nothing but drinking green tea!

    • admin 28/05/2016, 09:51

      WHAT an impressive testimonial not only to green tea but to the importance of making healthy lifestyle changes. Bravo to you for digging deeper yourself.
      Many years ago in what seems now ‘another life’, when I was in the medical field, it was common knowledge that the pharma funded medical schools (back then, many…these days nearly all) offered a 2 week course in nutrition as an OPTION! Having gone through first year med school, I can tell you that with the study load one has…you don’t opt for more. (I decided not to continue but had the advantage of that first year to apply to other field and could drastically cut the curriculum time.)

      The most recent I heard was that a course in nutrition of a few hours are offered. Rather disgusting. Many ‘lay people’ such as you, will know a LOT more in that area than one’s own doctor.

      So hats off to you…and off all the meds. Fantastic news. Thanks for sharing and for the kind words!


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