Sheriff Defends Raw Milk Farmer Against the FDA Harrassment

sheriffEvery now and again you run into good news about people who stand up for their rights against the government.  However, it seems it is even rarer to run across similar news about an official ‘just doing his job’…just keeping his oath.

This is a story about an Indiana sheriff who stood up to the FDA who, without cause,  were harassing a local raw milk farmer.  I hope those in the US pass the below link on to their local Sheriff to inspire them and remind them of the power of their position in such matters.

Read more about Sheriff Brad Rogers who not only has ‘Got Milk?’ but has ‘Got B*lls’.  Bravo, well done, sheriff.
Oath Keeper Sheriff Blocks Feds From Raiding Local Farmer

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  • Vera 24/05/2016, 15:00

    What a wonderful sheriff. If only more would follow his example!


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