Organic Strawberries – How One Man Made It Possible

hands holding strawberriesI love strawberries and I look forward to when they come in season here in Spain.  Sure, you can buy strawberries in winter and show off a fancy dessert to your guests, or dip them in chocolate for your special ‘someone’  – if you don’t mind that they are probably imported from somewhere in South America under horrible hygienic conditions and probably a bit tasteless.

For me, if I can’t buy local or at least on my continent – I’m not interested.  That means, strawberries here come from a few hundred kilometers south of me.

But, did you know that strawberries are a difficult fruit to grow ANYWHERE and are heavily treated with pesticides?  In fact, 1,100% MORE than the average food crop in the US.

It was thought that growing organic strawberries on a commercial scale was impossible.  Jim Cochran decided to prove the industry wrong using good old fashioned methods.  Watch this fascinating, short video for the whole story.

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