Welcome to the Epicurean Digest Blog – for the healthy epicurean in you.

I’m happy you’ve come here!

Epi D blog features articles about food related health issues, interesting topics, titbits of information as well as tips and quips here and there.  Oh, and a rant now and again.

Articles  are of a cautionary nature or highlight the health benefits of a particular food or ingredient.  Others off those topics are in Whatever Else and still others are such that No Comment is necessary.

The aim of my blog is to inform, educate and share what I personally have researched, tried out or ferreted out of a jungle of information and years of collecting it (in some cases) in my database.  If it makes a difference in improved quality of life for one person, then all this effort and hours put in make it all worth while.

My medical background – though that part of my life is behind me – is invaluable to me for the insights learned from being ‘on the inside’ of health care (and emergency room experience).  It also makes wading though medical abstracts and peer reviewed reports somewhat easier so I can pass such info on to my readers.

Though ever grateful for my medical experience, my growing holistic understanding and return to natural, healthier methods as a FIRST line of defense became my lifestyle.  Clearly a conflict of interest there, and so I left and pursued other, more fulfilling careers.  One of them, writing.  I have ghost written many, many articles for various websites, not in the least for popular health oriented websites.  Doing less of that now and concentrating on my own ‘stuff’.

The Epi D is a  “DI-gest to di-GEST” a thought into meaning. I hope the information you find here offers food for such thought!


I invite your comments – it means a lot to me to hear from my readers.