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Thanks to Monsanto's Round Up (main ingredient glyphosate) our food chain is more than ever depleted of essential nutrients. Glyphosate binds to vital nutrients such as chromium, copper, iron, boron, manganese and zinc in the soil, preventing plants from absorbing them. Let's consider just one illness - diabetes - and one mineral - chromium. This Read More

turmeric rhizome and powder

"What's the difference between turmeric and curcumin?" For those of you who know the answer to that, just scroll past the next two paragraphs. That's a question I am frequently asked by my subscribers and readers who are confused between turmeric and curcumin.  It doesn't surprise me, even the researchers get it wrong. Turmeric is Read More

diet drink

Did that title grab your attention?  Sounds like the latest trendy food hysteria?  Nearly...but not for what you think.  So, do diet drinks really increase your dementia and stroke risk? It depends on who you ask (and which media source you read). The more serious and less-so press have been blazoning  the triple-your-dementia-and-stroke-risk since a Read More

coconut oil

Research is paying closer attention to coconut oil's ability to boost brain function significantly with just a single 40 ml. dose.  This is highly interesting especially in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and it shows great promise. However, as of this writing, its use to stave off early signs of dementia or treating already existing Read More

kale with sausage

Yes, you may think kale is sooo 'out' but I can tell you that in my country of origin (Germany) kale was never 'In' nor 'Out'. It is sooo part of our culture that we have hundreds of recipes for it.  In fact, in northern Germany it has cult status in late Autumn when it Read More

savory oatmeal

The origins of this delicious, nourishing dish lay somewhere between the Irish and Scottish traditional foods, with each country claiming it as its own. Having a low glycemic index and high in minerals, oats have a long list of healthy benefits...such as beta glucan.  This is a water soluble fibre that gives the slippery mouth Read More


If you've not heard of Manuka honey, then I suspect you've been secluded away somewhere with no television and no WIFI. It's been the rage for the last few years for its purported health benefits from wound healing and skin care to treating gum disease and more. Problem is, that expensive, trendy jar of New Read More

cut apple turned brown

...turn brown. The Canadian biotech firm Okanagan Specialty Fruits have created an apple that won't turn brown when you cut them, peel them or slice them up.  Unlike Frankenfood GMO, these apples do not have genes added from another species.  Instead, their own genes were modified. It's still gene manipulated.  And we still don't have Read More

packet of ramen noodles

Instant ramen noodles, that favourite standby of college students and singles everywhere, a very unhealthy choice for a Q&C (quick and cheap) meal?  I hear a collective 'Is nothing sacred?' moan. Yes, it is true, that sacred staple of the student pantry when eaten frequently, has dangerous consequences.  Note I say 'frequently' as in twice Read More

joint inflammation

A while ago a visitor asked me a very good question.  Turmeric had eliminated chronic inflammation she was living with for most of her life (ulcerative colitis roughly 60 years, arthritis about 15-20 and insulin resistance around 10 years). She asked if inflammation serves a positive purpose and  "whether taking turmeric actually heals us or Read More

turmeric rhizome and powder

The raw versus dried turmeric question rises up once again.  Is raw turmeric better than the powder? The short answer:  No Here we go with the long answer with an excerpt from my Ultimate Turmeric Guide and Protocol on the debate: Although one can use fresh rhizome (root), it must be cooked and never used Read More

junk journalist

Perhaps I should change that title to junk FOOD journalism.  You know the kind.  The media gets wind of the latest health foodie trend, journalists get on the bandwagon and before you know it misinformation abounds...junk journalism at it again. Superficial research (if at all) is done and the result often falls into the 'a Read More

coffee with milk

How do you take yours?  A lot, a little or no milk in your tea or coffee?  Personally, I like my espresso with a little milk and topped with a little mound of foamy milk, not quite a macchiato nor a cappuccino but a mini version somewhere in between. But does milk really destroy the Read More

pills and capsules

Between 2007 and 2012, drug firms poured 780M painkillers into West Virginia amid a rise of overdoses.  WV has 1.84 million inhabitants. In 2015, West Virginia ranked first in the nation in per-capita opioid overdose deaths. Follow the pills and you'll find the overdose deaths. The trail of painkillers leads to West Virginia's southern coalfields, Read More

ginger kefir 'beer' water

Do you like ginger ale but avoid commercial sodas because you've become more health conscientious?  Looking for an IBS solution?  Oh, have I got a super healthy solution for you! I never was a soda drinker, thanks to not having been raised with it (nor processed foods).  A soda was a once in a while Read More